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Zvoo, one of the leading companies located in Dallas, provides the most efficient and in-demand application developers remotely. 

We have a commendable presence in C/C++ software development and programming for high performance and zero bug software. We deliver strong software solutions which are built-to-purpose and have a seasoned and highly competent team of system software developers.



Development of cross-platform applications
Native software development
Remote Infrastructure Management Software
Printer Feature enhancements
Audio and video processing software
Software for security devices and hardware-specific software
Developing high-performance applications

Our C++ software programmers can offer any of the following domain expertise:

Multithreading: POSIX threads and Win 32 threads
Languages: C, C++, Shell scripting, Perl / Python scripting
Libraries: Boost, JUCE, Win API
Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP v1/2, SMP, SMTP, FTP, SOAP
IDE: Visual studio, Eclipse, VI-Editor, MS C/C++ Compiler, GNU GCC
Configuration Management Tools: TFS, AccuRev, Clear Case, CVS, SVN

Technological expertise of our C/C++ specialists include:

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